TheWaysBeyond is a concept-store of cultural activities for the curious minds. We carefully handpick activities about heritage, art, design, fashion and gastronomy in Paris and the Paris region, and propose them to individuals and companies in search for inspiration.

TheWaysBeyond is the story of Nikki and Frederic.
Nikki and Frederic met in Paris years after their arrival in the City of Lights. She is from Beijing and has always worked in Finance and in the private sector; he is from Belgium and has worked for several cultural institutions – nothing at first seemed to bring them closer together, except for love, their attachment to Paris and their endless curiosity for culture and humanity. They walk through Paris as confident as a local, yet also as inquisitive as a passenger. And this is how TheWaysBeyond was born – out of a passion that becomes a profession, and out of the will to share the city with those adventurous enough to go beyond clichés and find back authenticity.

For centuries French creation and art-de-vivre have been radiating and influencing the entire world. Today, the French Touch perpetuates the tradition of Excellence in the works of women and men dedicated to their passion. Whether they keep on repeating ancestral practices or make them evolve with cutting-edge technology, these inspiring artists and craftsmen & -women have the taste for creation, at which TheWaysBeyond will give you a closer look during meetings and visits based on Excellence and Exchange.


TheWaysBeyond was born out of a passion: the passion to share the things which touch us in a city we did not grow up in, but we fell in love with as soon as we went beyond its clichés.
Paris is now our city and we would like to share it with those who are as curious as we are, those who wish to live it and love it the way we do.
Here is how we aim to do so, based on four beliefs.
Here is TheWaysBeyond’s Manifesto for Paris.


(1) One Ingredient, Infinite Possibilities – Culture, Emotions

A fertile ground for inspiration, Culture connects us all. As a source of emotions, it breaks down barriers and provokes reactions that can easily be shared. These Emotions transcend language and age: they are an unforgettable force with the power to change lives.

(2) Two Keywords – Excellence & Exchange

Unlike the term Luxury, which is today all too often equated with bad taste or division between the richest and the rest of the population, Excellence is not an insult to poverty, but to mediocrity. For this reason, we only use the term Excellence to describe the quality of the people and arts you will meet during our experiences.
But a simple meeting is not enough if you cannot discuss and share. This is why we see Exchange – in small groups – as the only way to learn and empower, and as the sole condition to inspire.

(3) Go With the Slow

Like in many other cities, Paris’s highlights are flooded with tourists. But we stand for another form of tourism, a Slow Tourism that is respectful of the local environment – whether natural, cultural or human –, working directly with local actors who can, in turn, also benefit from a mutually enriching interaction with curious minds.

(4) Let Us Show You the Ways

We cannot sell you a result, an original adventure, or paradise – but we can guide you with enthusiasm. Authenticity is invaluable, and this is our way of helping you discover the unexpected – of living your own unique experience of Paris.



TheWaysBeyond is committed to enlightened tourism, one that is conscious of its impact on the city. We advocate for a better understanding of culture in France and support a more responsible society in a preserved natural and social environment, with sound and transparent business relationships – a policy that we pursue by raising awareness among partners and travellers alike.
Our motto : Re-Connect

⭐️ In Septembre 2023, TheWaysBeyond was awarded as Travelife Partner. This two-year distinction confirms our efforts to promote sustainable tourism!
A specific page on Responsible Tourism will soon be published here. In the meantime click here to discover our “Sustainability Policy Procedures“!

About Us

TheWaysBeyond Nikki Wang Frederic Bourgeois

Nikki Wang

General Director & Cofounder

Having worked long enough for Fortune 500 companies in Beijing, Nikki came to Paris to pursue her MBA at the prominent HEC School of Management. After graduation, the charms of Paris, like a revelation, convinced her to settle down. While always working in Finance and travelling around the world for her job and her own thirst of discovery, she was also a freelance contributor to Chinese leading lifestyle media's and co-founded a booking agency to promote French electronic musicians in Asia. These various experiences lead her to meet the most talented people and experience the immense power of creativity, which she wants to share from now on.

Frederic Bourgeois

President & Cofounder

After graduating in Translation and in Communication Frederic developed his organisational skills in renowned cultural institutions in Brussels, running from contemporary dance to alternative music, to literature, artistic workplaces, and opera. He moved to Paris in 2012 where he contributed to the 'Europan' Architecture and Urban Planning competitions, managing the digital communication and organising forums in different European cities. Multilingual and passionate about literature, he was led by his professional and private experiences to cultivate a certain definition of hospitality and a determined enthusiasm to share his knowledge.

Our Paris City Guide for Design Lovers

In 2018, German publisher Travel Colours invited us to curate their Paris City Guide for Design Lovers. It was the perfect opportunity for us to present the work of those with whom we could not necessarily directly organize activities, but whose work we wanted to highlight.

The result is a journey through up to sixty outstanding places (for every budget), presenting what Paris does best when it comes to sleeping, eating, drinking, shopping and exploring!

The guide is available on Travel Colours’s website.

TheWaysBeyond Travel Colours City Guide Design Lovers

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